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Wwp is the beast

Clocking 1500km on it and still going snappy!

WideWheel Brake Pads
Ilkka Järveläinen

WideWheel Brake Pads

WIDEWHEEL PRO - Unique Design & Dual Motor Power

WideWheel Disc Brake Caliper
Hans-Erik Norberg

Ordered 2 brake calipers. After 3 months I received 1. I still haven't received the other. Scam company

Error 04 tried to get me...

I got the full thing. Swapped it in 4min & 20 seconds and now it feels good. Error free scooter. Super easy to do it yourself.

Also got the original rear motor to work. 🤦‍♂️

Low quality and plastic

Well, not much to say, a real disappointment in every way. The metal is VERY poorly welded - and I’m a welder. This would NEVER be cleared in any serious work!

How did it feel to ride? Well, I fell off, the damn thing is held tight - with a plastic piece of crap!

A honest tire review

It's black and it's round shaped. It's some sort of rubber.
It fits wwp electric scooter. Front and back are the same.
It's a replacement for the worn out one, I did not buy that just for fun :D

Hello, do you deliver to Mexico (Cancun or Mexico City) ?? thank you

Very satisfied

I bought a Wide Wheel scooter and some spare parts. Quality products, on-time delivery and prompt answers to my questions confirmed this as an excellent service

Fun and powerful

After 200 km in one week I can say that the scooter meets my expectations. At the beginning it feels quite strange to guide because of the flat wide wheel but after a while this adds to fun. The brakes are not so bad as it is said in some comments: they just need a good set-up and then work fairly well.
On the whole it offers a smooth driving experience and the dual motor gives a good power for a scooter of this class

Très bonne trottinette mais..

Oui super trottinette mais… pour trouver des pièces de rechange c’est la galère…

Dont Buy

After few monts Widesheel starts to having problems. clearance in components. you can ride it only in city without any cobblestones and impossible to ride in little terrain.

Doesn't work

And support it non-existent

My order

I placed the order on 2nd June, and I haven’t received any emails that says my order has dispatched or something. It’s been 5 days, I am so worried to lost my € 1199!! Because I have sent so many emails without getting any response! Such a bad idea to buy a scooter from here!!

Not a great product

Brakes damaged, reply from customer service takes more than 1 week

Brake caliper

Everything went well. Really easy to change!

Breaks needs lots of improvements

I have received my wide wheel pro and the scooter is just fine but the break is the biggest issue here its not practical and it doesn’t work well under the rain im not happy at all with quality of the break system here and raiding under the rain such a bad idea it will make you your clothes dirty .

Making another review about the brakes

So I went to adjust my brakes I got them really tight so tight as the brake is against the disc and it still takes forever to stop it's like a cargo train stopping the same thing is with the scooter the brakes needs improving I only had it for one day.

Brakes aren't the best

Today I was riding in wet roads and after like 3-4 miles so the brakes aren't working well the brakes work fine but riding in wet roads dirt and all that so it takes me forever to come to a stop as I had to use my foot to stop it quicker so that I wouldn't go into the road.

New battery

Installed the new battery and now the scooter works again. Hope the new battery can handle more charges then the previous :)

Great Scooter!

Very good quality, the scooter is very well made.
It's really fun, the speed and range are great.
I can only recommend this scooter

A fantastic ride

Great experience from the online order ‘till the actual driving in real life.
Fast ride and long lasting battery.
Once folded, the scooter is really compact which is great!

If I have to find some possible improvements, I’d say:
- the handles tend to unscrew hence making them wiggle a little bit;
- if you charge the scooter ‘unfolded’ there’s the risk that the wheel bumps against the connector;
- the rear tire, being a solid one, makes you feel all the bumps on the road.

But don’t take it wrong: overall it’s an amazing buy! :)

All good

All good, quality to riding experience

HORIZON - Practical Commuter Scooter - Great Value


Hi Its A Great Piece But I Was Esembling it and then i was putting the handle bars up and they fell and the throttle and also the turbo botton fell off anyone know how i can reach out