fluidfreeride offers a full range of electric riding scooters for every need. Looking for something lightweight for your daily inner city commute, a high powered off road machine, or anything in between? We got you covered! 

We personally ride all scooter models we sell and can ensure quality, safety, value for money and a lot of riding fun.

Revolutionize the way you move around and contribute to a greener environment! We will plant 100 trees for every scooter sold.

Scooter Line Up Consultation

Want to know which scooter is right for you? Check out the presentation of our line up to help you select the perfect scooter for your needs:

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  • Over 600 5-Star Reviews
  • 6 month limited warranty
  • Lifetime service and support
  • 15 days easy returns of unused items
  • Free domestic shipping on all items
  • Spare parts available for all models
  • Custom design accessories for customers
  • Huge support library for repair at home
  • Service partner network across the US
  • We plant 100 trees for every scooter sold

Detailed Comparison of Electric Riding Scooters

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Electric Scooter Comparison 2020

We Plant 100 Trees for Every Scooter Sold


buy an electric riding scooter and we donate to

fluidfreeride set out to improve our customers' daily lives. A foldable electric riding scooter is not only fun to ride but will change the way you move around. Whether for your commute, errands around town or just for some long-range ride outs on weekends, you will discover that you can replace many short to medium distance trips with a scooter.
Every time you leave your gas powered vehicle at home and ride out on your battery powered motorized scooter you will contribute to a greener environment.

In order to do more, fluidfreeride partnered with Trees for the Future to plant 100 trees for every scooter sold

Trees for the Future is a US based non-profit who has been planting over 150 million trees over the last 30 years. Their approach not only helps to offset carbon emissions but also breaks the cycle of poverty by engaging local communities to develop sustainable agriculture and care for the new trees we are planting with your support.