Preorder info

We make every effort to plan for proper stock levels in order to offer quick shipping to our customers.
In April 2020, two developments came together:

  • Supply chain delays due to government restrictions in the effort to fight the coronavirus
  • A surge in domestic US demand as customers are looking for alternatives to public transportation

We are navigating through this shortage by offering preorders.
You get a nice discount and know for sure that you will get your scooter as soon as supply comes in.

In the product listings, we call out the approximate shipment date for your scooter that is valid at the time of purchase.
It is possible that, at a later date, this expected shipment date changes for orders placed at that later time.
If you do not hear from us on email, you can expect your scooter to ship as communicated at time of your order.

Delays can always happen, but we did build in a little bit of buffer. In the best case, you can get your scooter a little earlier, in the worst case, it may get a little delayed.

For perspective: There currently is a backlog at customs due to the prioritization of health care related shipments and minimum staffing. A randomly conducted inspections can take a longer time than usual. We ship all our items properly declared and our paperwork is in order so there is no risk that items do not get released, it just mat take a little longer in the unlikely case that we do get an inspection.

Any preorder can be cancelled for a full refund free of charge at any time prior to shipment.