Off Road Electric Scooters? How to get one and what to look for

Off Road Electric Scooter

An off road electric scooter will give you the thrill of your life. Have you ever experienced that pure, childlike rush of adrenalin where you feel your worries drain away and live right in that moment of excitement? You have, brilliant, then you must have been on an off road electric scooter. If you haven’t, then you really should consider an off road electric scooter to give you that rush.

Wolf Warrior 11 Electric Scooter

Some of you may be reading this knowing all about off road electric scooters and just reading this to find out some top tips, others may be wondering what an off road electric scooter is and why should you be interested. This article will be able to serve both and hopefully answer all of those burning questions you have.

What is an off road electric scooter?

  Fluid Freeride Wolf Warrior 11  Mantis Pro
Speed 50 mph (80km/h) 40 mph (64km/h)
Claimed range 50 miles (80km) 45 miles (72km)
Weight 101 lb (45.8 kg) 65 lb (29.4 kg)
Size 49.2 x 24.6 x 49.2 (125 x 62 x 125cm) 49 x 24 x 50 (124 x 61 x 127 cm)
Size Folded 59 x 11 x 19 (149 x 28 x 48 cm) 49 x 24 x 19 (124 x 61 x 48 cm)
Price $2899 as of 2020 $2299 as of 2019
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To start with, let’s look at the difference between an electric scooter used primarily for commuting to electric scooters designed to tackle off road terrain. When commuting, you want a scooter that is fast, compact, easily portable with a long-range. Can an electric scooter have all of these features and still have off road capabilities? The answer is both yes and no. Some might call it compromises but the truth is that electric scooters are just built differently for different purposes. For example, looking at the Mosquito as a commuting electric scooter, it weighs in at 22 pounds and folds down very compactly. You need it to be light and able to be carried on the bus or train or even stored under a desk. However, using the Wolf Warrior 11 as a benchmark for an off road electric scooter, that weighs in at 101 pounds and although it conveniently folds down to be able to fit into a trunk, one might say it is not as easily portable and compact as the Mosquito. The Wolf is able to travel further and faster and tackle difficult terrain hence why is it bigger and heavier than the Mosquito. When using an electric scooter for commuting, in many ways, the Mosquito will be a better fit than the Wolf - it is understanding what purpose you're using your electric scooter for.

wolf warrior electric scooter

An off road electric scooter is one that is fully capable of handling off road terrain due to its solid build, powerful motors, high speed and long-range. Small additions to a scooter can make a significant difference, some of these are included when you purchase an off road scooter. You need to ensure the tires that come with the scooter are appropriate for the task in hand. Some electric scooters come with tubeless tires, these are ideal for off road, rocky and unpredictable terrain.

The uses for an off road electric scooter are truly limitless. They are even being compared to motocross racing. When you see the stunts and capabilities of an off road electric scooter you’ll not be surprised why this comparison has been made and you’ll see exactly why they need to be that bit bigger and sturdier. Purchasing an off road electric scooter is potentially a more affordable way to enjoy being off road. Due to the compact nature of the scooter, they can be a great way for everyone to be involved rather than just grease monkeys! This video speaks for itself but only showcases a fraction of what an off road electric scooter can do.

Want one yet?

Your needs - Why do you need an off road electric scooter?

When looking at adult electric scooters in general, it is important to ensure you get the right machine for the task at hand. Like any electric or modern piece of machinery, to get the most out of its performance, you must ensure that the scooter is matched to its terrain. An easy comparison is that of a professional cyclist, they wouldn’t dream of competing in a road race with mountain tires fitted instead of the slim road tires. The simple fact that they’re designed differently allows them to perform well when used for their specialty. There are a variety of electric scooters out there, all slightly different to be able to perform different tasks. For example, if you’re going off road with uneven terrain like a trail or forest/hiking paths (semi-offroad) then an electric scooter like the Mantis will be your best friend. Named as an all-rounder, it shows as it’s got the best of both worlds - able to fold down compactly while packing the power with a top speed of 40mph!

Best Off Road Electric Scooter

When comparing the Mantis with its big brother, the Wolf Warrior 11, there are quite the differences. The Wolf has a top speed of 50mph and double the range of the Mantis - 80miles. This is due to the huge motor which brings the total weight of a wolf as previously mentioned to 101 pounds compared to the 61 pounds the Mantis weighs. Although the dimensions are similar between the Wolf and the Mantis, when folded, the Mantis collapses into considerably smaller dimensions than the Wolf.

There is the perfect electric scooter out there for you, but which one?

Now, to answer, why do you need one. You need an off road electric scooter if you’re going to be going off road. If you’re wanting to drive on up into the hills and just let it rip (with safety gear on, of course) then an electric scooter like the Wolf Warrior 11 is the beast you need for that mission. That isn’t to say that you can’t nip to the shops on it, because why wouldn’t you, but to see it shine, you need to see it tackle obstacles that look near impossible. However, if you’re going semi off road, different terrains here and there, then a scooter similar to the Mantis would be ideal.

Here are the 7 Best Electric Scooters for Off Roading

Kaboo Wolf Warrior 11

This dirt scooter looks like something out of a Mad Max movie. It's probably one of the best electric scooters for off roading and tackling bumpy rough terrain on the market now. It is equipped with 1200 W dual motors that can peak at 5400W.  Lithium battery of 60v/35 Ah will produce a whopping top speed of 50 mph (80 kph)! You can see it's built for heavy duty riding experiences just by looking at its motorcycle grade inverted front shock absorber.

On a beast such as this, you don't want to mess about when it comes to stopping power. Full hydraulic brakes and the option of ABS is the choice of brake system here. Off road tires are proper terrain tires, 11 inch tubeless air filled tires which is the right choice for such a high speed electric scooter on the gravel. Shock absorption is brilliant with that proper front hydraulic version, and spring at the rear. Front and rear wheel drive and the high torque provided, makes climbing hills at 45% inclines possible as well as fun. Is this a long range dirt scooter? depends, modest riding will give you 70 miles (112 km)...but that is at a cruising speed of 25 mph (40kph) and that's not what you want to use this off-road scooter for.

This is all about gung ho fun. High quality build also means it is not a light weight scooter. At 101 lbs (45 kg) it's not really a portable scooter. It is foldable, (with one of the best mechanisms on the market now that makes sure you have zero stem wobble) to help with transport in a big (read SUV/truck...) car to the nearest "foresty mountainy gravely" area for some fun off roading. Don't worry about the sun setting too much. This has two of the brightest front mounted led lights on the terrain electric scooter market for maximum visibility, as well as two smaller front lights on the deck, underdeck lights and brake light in the rear. And the loudest horn (from a car actually) we have heard on an electric scooter so far, to make sure people can see/hear you coming. No ringadingaling bell here. Safety first always though, make sure to wear all possible protective gear before popping a wheelie on your way to the forest. Have fun.


Mantis & Mantis Pro

If the Wolf Warrior seems a bit too much X-games for you, and you would like a version of e-scooter to still be able to use as a daily commute, as well as some chance for off-roading....the Mantis might tick your box. This is an excellent choice as a crossover tool. It comes in two versions, the base model or the Pro that provides even more of a punch. The base version carries a 60 V 17.5 Ah Li-ion battery and will reach a top speed of 40 mph (64 kph) and with a range of 30 miles (48 kph) if in single drive eco mode, which is what you most probably will use when road riding to work. Air filled tires with a dimension of 10" x 2,5 makes for a phenomenal riding experience.

Front and rear spring arms are excellent and it feels like floating when riding over some rough terrain. 1000 W dual motors will tackle 35 % inclines with ease and accelerate fast as hell. If you go for the Pro version, power output is upped to 60 W 24.5 Ah. Top speed the same, but long range is now extended to 45 miles (72 km) in single eco drive. Braking system varies as on the base Mantis you have semi hydraulic dual discs, and on the Pro it is a fully hydraulic dual disc system. A small difference in weight between the two models 61/65 lbs (27.6/29.4 kg) is not unmanageable if you need to carry it a bit or haul it into the trunk or back of your station wagon.

The display/throttle configuration allows for managing of speed limit, cruise control, and regen braking system, the Pro versions upgraded display also features motor torque adjustment and ABS. Kickstand as on most scooters obviously. Weight capacity is a respectable 265 lbs (120 kg). It is foldable as stem comes down although handlebars stay out.

Two front and rear led lights and a lateral led strip helps with visibility although not in the same league as the Wolf Warrior. But this is definitely a scooter that will do its job as a terrain scooter. If you live in an area where you need to tackle gravel, undulating landscape with ease and a big grin on your face.


Dualtron Ultra & Thunder

For sheer all-around badassness....look no further than the Dualtron Ultra or it's bigger brother the Dualtron Thunder. When you thought you'd heard and seen it comes a kick scooter with a whopping heavy duty lithium battery capacity of 60V 35 Ah 2.1 kWh and dual motors of 2700 peak Watt!! It will reach an astonishing top speed of 50 mph (80 kph) if you dare to stretch it out all the way. 75 miles (121 km) range is also....badass. Of course depending on riding style and terrain. The whole kit just oozes high quality. Suspension is phenomenal by way of front and rear cartridge swingarms. Dual hydraulic disc brakes with ABS to halt your onslaught of speed.

If you take this baby as your commuter, you will also have a high speed electric scooter that can handle off road activities. 11 x 4 inch tires, airfilled but tubeless, works excellent to provide for good stability and riding experience. Weight capacity is guessed it.....badass... as it accommodates for riders as heavy as 330 lbs (150kg) and still provides high torque enough to make your eyes water.

You can fold it, in order to manhandle it into the trunk of your car, if not a Fiat 500 that is, but it weighs 95 lbs (43 kg) so....if you carry this around easily...then you are badass too. Handlebars actually fold on this one which is always a plus. Its got a very wide 12 inch (30 cm) deck so plenty of space to plant your feet on. Led light display that covers the stem, front, rear and underside of the scooter is also....yes mega. Really cool. Wireless phonecharger, fingerprint scanner, turn indicators...and more. 45% inclines are doable and even though it is not specifically designed as an offroad only, but maybe more of a serious commuter weapon, it will do off road very well as mentioned.

Price is also around the 3500 USD  and one usually gets what one pays for but it's definitely on the pricey side. Charge time is also of different variety depending on what charger you use. 20 hours with 2A charger, 10 hours with dual chargers, 5 hours with quick charger, allows for optimizing your schedule in between races....sorry, commutes.



If you are looking for a e-scooter to only use as an off roading toy, you don't intend to commute, and high speed is not of utmost importance, but rather high torque, then you need to consider the Razor RX200. It is specifically designed as an off road scooter and as such has some really cool features. It has a chain driven motor with gear ratios specifically selected for high torque, rather than max speed ,and so it only does 12 mph (19 kph). Two 12 V lead acid batteries will give you 40 minutes of fun, but then it will take a full 12 hours to recharge battery, oops. 

Twist grip throttle, hand operated rear disc brake, provides perfect control for sliding and drifting. High pressure air filled knobby tires and a steel frame and fork will deal with rough terrain in ways maybe other scooters cant. It weighs around 45 lbs (20 kg) so no problem hauling it with you for the trek to the outdoors if needed by car or other transport. It has a retractable kickstand but that's about it. No messing about with other features as led lights, or other extras. Max weight is 154 lbs (69.8 kg) so not for bigger guys this one. But at an asking price of just below 300 USD on Amazon, this might be the best cheap off-road electric scooter out there now for the average person, but if you are serious about off roading we wouldn't get your hopes up too much as the price tag speaks for itself in terms of level of quality and performance. 



Where to begin? The Uberscoot is another one that demonstrates how versatile the area of e-scooters already is. This is another one that looks like nothing else out there. The first thing that pops out is the quick release seat, which is optional, and as such might be one reason for those looking for the best electric scooter to satisfy their needs. You get a choice of both worlds. The design seems to have had teenagers mostly in mind, but hey....who really cares? If it does the trick, it can be used by adults as well. 1000 W 36 V battery will produce a top speed of 20 mph (32 kph) and 10 mile range (16 km) on a single charge. Battery takes between 4-8 hours to recharge which is quite good considering most 1000 W batteries take 12 hours.

One of the sturdiest bulkiest decks we've seen, makes sure that feet are firmly planted while off roading whether you choose to stand or sit. It weighs 79 lbs (30 kg) so not overly heavy and should allow for portability if needed. Stem is foldable to help with that. 10 inch pneumatic tires are fine enough on paved streets and can handle gravel to a certain extent. But this is not a purposely built terrain scooter so bear that in mind, although it can handle some of that action.

Discbrakes front and rear, double front and rear shocks that looks like they are right of a motorcycle (old school version). Chain drive also a feature that reminds of motorcycles. Battery life is 250 cycles. Twist grip throttle is a plus. Led head and taillights of course. All and all, it looks a bit Travis Pastrana and that was probably the purpose, so yeah, maybe primarily a choice for teenage kids who mostly will ride on paved surfaces but on occasion some gravel and dirt and with an option to sit down if popping over to some friends house and feet are tired.


Super Turbo 1000

If you liked what you read about the Uberscoot, but hoped for an adult version, there is one. Namely the fully named Super 36V Turbo 1000-Elite Electric Scooter. It looks very similar to the Uberscoot but it is an upgraded version. This one also has the same quick release seat option which is a standout feature. It has a powerful 36V 12 Ah 1000W Lead acid battery that will recharge in 6-8 hours. Battery life approx 350 cycles. Top speed is 27 mph (43 kph) and range 18 miles (29 km). As it's sibling the Uberscoot, it looks and is bulkier than what one is used to by now, but is still foldable although it weighs 92 lbs (42 kg) so not exactly lightweight.

But what to expect, it is, after all, a steel frame. Sturdy suspension front and back and 10.5 inch airfilled tires assures a smooth ride over some rough surfaces (if not too rough). Remember, this is also not a purpose built off road scooter, but it can handle some of that action. Disc brakes front and rear, front LED headlight but nothing in the rear for some reason. Twist grip throttle also on this model for easy control of the scooter. All in all, it sticks out as a bit of an odd bird in the adult electric scooter family, and the one thing that probably is its biggest advantage feature, would be that option of sitting down, so if you really need that, then maybe....but for sheer off roading...there are better options.



A viable purpose built off road option to the WolfWarrior, and at a lower price, is the QiewQpower. It looks less of a Madmax beast but nevertheless packs a respectable punch. First thing that sticks out are the 11 inch tubeless pneumatic knobby tires, proper terrain tires that will handle most of what's thrown at them with a tread pattern that doesn't muck about. Top speed is 50 mph (80 kph) and the speed with which it reaches that, beats most other e-scooters on the market. Acceleration is no joke. This makes it one of the fastest scooters available. This is not a scooter for beginners, and if you are, then single motor mode is the way to go, to get used to the power before using dual motor mode. The only scooter to can match this one in climbing hills is the Wolf Warrior. If you live in an area with a lot of undulating landscape and quite steep hills, you might need this. All this is possible due to its 1560 Wh battery package.

Dual hydraulic discbrake of massive proportions in unison with adjustable electronic brakes... will send you flying over the handlebars, if you don't know what you are doing and have not yet perfected your braking technique (lean backwards while braking). Range is 30+ miles (48 km) even when using a lot of power and not only single eco drive mode and again, this sticks out as another brilliant feature. Dual spring suspension in the front and hydraulic rear provides a very balanced riding experienced. It accepts a maxweight of 440 lbs! (199kg) so for some people,(read overweight) who wants to have some off roading fun, this in an of itself will probably seal the deal. It is foldable but still weighs 81 lbs (36.7 kg) so you can't really say its portable although hauling it into the back of your car is possible.

Overall build quality is not top notch, has to be said, so be prepared to properly go over it once you get it delivered and tighten everything up. It has front lights, retractable kickstand as expected and different setting modes for different types of rides. If you want massive power, and don't mind some of its shortcomings in the build quality area but are looking best off road electric scooter for that price...then this is probably the one for you.


Off road electric scooter use

It is best to look at what you’re going to be using it off. Leisure? Hunting? Racing? Getting to those idyllic spots that just can’t be reached by car? The possibilities are endless. What are you going to use your off road electric scooter for?

What to look for in an off road electric scooter?

Because each electric scooter is so different and it is likely that you will be using it for different purposes to the next person, it is difficult to point out exactly what you need however here are a few tips for things to look out for when comparing off road electric scooters:

What is the range? How far can it go before it needs recharging? Take note to see the clarification on the range, it will usually give you the maximum range driving economically, if you constantly ride at max speed, it may not last the full range specified by the manufacturer. The battery will largely be responsible for the range, therefore the bigger battery capacity, in theory, the further the electric scooter should be able to travel on one charge.

The Range

What is its top speed? You need to know it's going to go fast!

What tires do I need? It will come with a set of tires (sometimes you can specify which ones when purchasing) - make sure you get the ones best suited for your purposes, road tires or off road tires? You can buy an additional set of tires to allow you to change between the two, however, keep in mind that changing the tire of an electric scooter may not be as simple as you may think and you may need a mechanic to help - depending on your own personal skill set of course.

Best Tires For Off Road Electric Scooters

  • What type of tires does it come with? This may seem a repeat of above but this is looking on the inside of the tire. Some come with conventional tires with innertubes and some are considered tubeless. For off roading, tubeless is recommended as you cannot get a puncture due to the design of the tire. When going over seriously rough terrain, that is the reassurance you’ll want.

What are the best brakes? At a minimum, you’ll need both front and rear brakes. There are a variety of types of brakes out there and it seems each model has a different variation of their own. Hydraulic brakes are considered the best when reaching those fast speeds, for example, the Wolf has both front and rear hydraulic brakes. However, the Mantis’ top speed doesn’t quite reach that of the Wolf and therefore has dual disc brakes that are semi-hydraulic. The brakes will match the specification and performance of the electric scooter for the safest and most efficient combination.

What about suspension? To get the best ride, you’ll need front and rear suspension. Some scooters may have a different type of suspension for the front and back - this is fine, just as long as there is both.

Folded dimensions - Pay attention to the folded dimensions of the scooter before purchasing, these scooters are beasts within their own right and depending on what car you have, you need to ensure you can transport the scooter to where you want to ride. However, when considering the range capability of some off road electric scooters, it may be possible to ride there and then go off road. Unless you get a new car to accommodate your new scooter - there are plenty of options, just one aspect to take note of!

Folded dimensions

Are they dust and waterproof? Yes - to an extent. If it’s raining or you ride through puddles and the scooter gets wet, that's fine. For example, the Wolf has an IPX4 Water Resistance Certificate, this means getting it wet won’t damage it however you won’t be able to submerge it underwater. This is similar for dustproof, due to the assembly, dust should not damage your scooter but regular cleaning and maintenance is advised.

Weight limit - Each manufacturer will state the weight limit for their scooter, if you exceed this then the scooter will not perform as it should. When tackling those off road hills, it won’t be able to handle them as well if the weight limit is exceeded.

Reviews - Watch review videos, read reviews and blog posts comparing off road electric scooters. The truth is you’ll never know everything until you own one for yourself however, you can ensure you’ll choose the best one for you if you do this due diligence and research before you buy!


Price - When doing your research and reading your reviews, you’ll notice that price may not get mentioned a lot but it is a factor to bear in mind.

  • Is it affordable? Off Roading is not a cheap activity, however when you compare the off road electric scooters available to something like a quad bike or motocross, suddenly, it looks very affordable in comparison.
  • The difference in price between models - you may notice that you get more for your money with one model over another, sometimes this is due to the specification however not always. Do your research!
  • Think outside the box - Having just said to ensure you get the best deal between comparative scooters, take note of scooters that may be slightly more expensive, this shows in the specification. You can see that you may pay a little more but the return will definitely be worth it.

Reputable retailer - The price difference between a branded and scooter is minimal, however, you will reap considerably more benefits when purchasing from a branded, reputable company. The support service alone is invaluable and knowing you have a place to turn should you have any questions or concerns is recommended for both the novice and the expert.

Reputable retailer