The 14 Best Electric Scooters for Commuting Vs Everything else

Why should you pick an electric scooter over other vehicles?

When planning your daily commute to work there are several factors to consider and often several modes of transport to weigh up. Often, the two major factors that influence that decision is how long will it take you to get from A to B and how much is it going to cost you. 

We will be looking at a few modes of transport, their pros, and cons and how an electric scooter can potentially solve some of your bugbears with your commute. 

Of course, you might be thinking that your commute may need to include more than one mode of transport, but fear not,  we’ve got that covered! Almost every commute is likely to involve some walking, even if it’s those 10 steps from the car park to the office. However, when we mention walking, we are referring to a significant distance.

Riding Comfort of Electric Scooters

When it’s all set and done, what really matters? You want to be comfortable while riding your scooter. It’s got to feel right. That’s why at Fluid Free Ride, we look for the best designs available depending on your usage occasion like WideWheel, Mosquito and more.

One thing to consider is the type of tires and the suspension. Some are airless and others are more traditional. For the last few years, there have been crazy progress on the types of tires in the market. Michelin created an airless tire that has been all over the news. What are the advantages? You don’t have to worry about flats and it has better stability. Airless might bee a great option for you.

Make sure to check for the tire sizes and front/rear suspension. You will want suspension if you use solid airless tires since all these things will affect your ride. But we both know the best way to really get the feel for it… test drive. Try to go out and ride a friend’s scooter or even watch YouTube video reviews. The best part about buying online is the reviews and experiences you get from real drivers (more on that later).

Best electric scooters

Walking Commute vs Electric Scooter Commute

What’s a significant walking distance you may ask? That can, of course, vary a lot depending on who you ask. All factors such as age, time constraints, physical ability or pre-existing injuries will all affect what a person may consider a significant distance. For argument sake, let's say you spend 15 minutes traveling one way on your commute, that’s 2.5 hours per week. How much time could you save by perhaps using an electric scooter or even a bicycle? 

The big question is, do you want to spend potentially hours a week on your commute? Using the average walking speed of 3.1mph (4.98km/h) and the distance of your commute, work out how long it takes you.

So, the question you want to be answered, can an Electric Scooter save you time on your commute when you usually walk?

Let’s use this example commute to look at the difference when using an electric scooter at an average speed of 20mph. 

15 minutes walking = 2-3 minutes on an electric scooter 

This is the equivalent to:

10 hours of walking = less than 1 hour on an electric scooter

The quick answer, Yes!

Although you will have to pay upfront for the cost of the electric scooter (but with the handy finance options, this becomes less of a problem), the running costs of commuting on an electric scooter are far less than compared with other transport options. Granted walking is free, but can you put a price on the time you’ll save on your commute.

Luckily for you, when looking at saving time by changing your commute, not only is an electric scooter cheaper than other methods but more environmentally friendly. Win-win if you ask us. 

Driving a Car vs Electric Scooter

Driving a Car vs Electric Scooter

Driving a car in this current age may not be the revolutionary answer it once was. For some occasions and purposes, a car is entirely appropriate however, the costs incurred (not to mention being stuck in traffic and then not being able to park) make it an expensive venture.

Even if you have bought your car outright and do not owe any finance on the vehicle, maintenance, upkeep, fuel and necessary costs of the vehicle can set you back potentially thousands a year. Plus there is the cost to the environment that simply has no measurable amount. 

For those slightly shorter commutes, using an electric scooter can potentially be quicker, especially if the commute is through a busy city or town center. In addition to the basic costs of owning and running a car, there is the possibility of having to pay for parking. There are some lucky people out there for whom this is not an issue, but on the flip side, parking charges for employees commuting in cars can be extortionate and even taken straight from their wages. With an electric scooter that could easily slide under your desk or locked in a bicycle locker, there is even more money saved that you’d much rather spend on something other than parking. 

Cycling vs Electric Scooter - which is faster?

Cycling vs Electric Scooter

According to a study in Copenhagen, the average speed of a bike is 9.6mph (15.5km/h) - Denmark being the country with the second-highest percentage of its population using bicycles as a means of transport.

Easily calculated, a bike is roughly half the speed of a decent electric scooter. Note, this excludes rented scooters as these are often limited to 12-15 mph (20-25 km/h). 

A nifty upside to commuting with an electric scooter is how quickly you can stop and start. If you have ever had the pleasure of riding an electric scooter, you’ve probably experienced setting off quickly from a standstill whilst cyclists are still getting back on the saddle, meanwhile, you’re already far in the distance.

It is worth mentioning that of course there are electric bicycles. Although you have had the assistance when riding distances or up an incline, the limitations of the size, weight, and practicalities of a bicycle remain the same - electric or not. 

Bus vs Scooter Commute

Bus vs Scooter Commute

For the sake of relevancy, we will be focusing on bus commutes that match the average electric scooter range, which is around 10-25 miles. 

Buses, no one particularly enjoys a bus ride through a busy city for a commute. Although through no fault of its own, buses by nature aren’t reliable for keeping to time when they get caught in traffic jams or breakdown. These potential delays can cause them to be unpredictable and unreliable, not to mention sitting next to potentially unfavorable strangers. Not the ideal journey on your way to or home from work. 

To list the average speed of a bus and compare it to an electric scooter is near impossible as each city has its own prerequisites for how effective travel by bus can be.

A study done by the New York Department of Transportation showed the average city bus speed was 7.44 mph (12km/h) with some bus routes as slow as 3.9 mph, essentially walking speed. 

It’s unfair to tar every bus commute with the same brush, when it’s not uncommon for a bus commute to be really effective, especially in the outskirts of a city. The issues mentioned above are more of an issue the closer the route is to a city center. With this in mind, combining your bus commute with your electric scooter can make for a great idea. Jump off a few stops earlier and glide through the city in no time on your electric scooter cutting out that infamous traffic. Keep in mind, when using an electric scooter in this manner, to choose a model that you can easily carry on to the bus. 

Less time on the bus, less money forking out for various and often expensive bus tickets. 

Train, Tube or Scooter?

Train, Tube or Scooter?

If you’re taking the train to work you may be traveling more than the 10-25 miles that the range from an electric scooter can offer. However, there are other aspects that an electric scooter may help with your commute, in combination with your train journey. Unless you live and work next to the station, it is likely you’ll have a stretch of your commute where you may walk, get the bus, bike or use your electric scooters to overcome the issues covered above. 

When taking the subway, tube or metro, each city has its own preferred nicknames, you might be in range to use an electric scooter instead for your commute. Subway speeds vary heavily and the average speed for each stretch is incredibly varied. If we keep looking at New York as an example the average subway speed is 17 mph (27 km/h) but has a top speed of 55 mph (89 km/h).

This being said, we feel there is more to a commute than just speed. We have all been there, stood for a long period, on a hot stuffy cab, pressed against the stranger next to you feeling like sardines, simply praying that your stop is next. Why put yourself through the trauma when you could be coasting along, with the wind in your hair, feeling free as a bird? 

The real question is… which E scooter do I buy?

The Fastest Electric Scooters For Commuting 


WideWheel WideWheel Pro Mantis  Horizon
Top Speed 25+ MPH
26+ MPH
40 MPH 25 MPH
Climbing Ability  >25% >25% 15% 10%
Motor location Dual front & rear
Dual front & rear
Dual front & rear
System Voltage 48 V 48 V
60 V
48 V

Sustained Power 

Total Peak Power

2 x 500W 

1600 W

2x500 W 

1600 W 

2x1000 W

3000 W



Battery Life 
13.2Ah / 633Wh 15Ah / 748Wh 17.5Ah / 1000Wh  13.2Ah / 600Wh
Tires 8" extra wide never flat 8"extra wide never flat 10"x2.5" air tires 8" rear solid, 8.5" front air
Brakes Rear Disc Rear & Front Disc Dual disc  (semi-hydraulic) Rear drum brake +regenerative
Weight 50 lbs 54 lbs 61 lbs 42 lbs
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Ninebot15.5 miles (25 km)
WideWheel 1000w31 miles (49.8km)
Xiamo m36518 miles (28 km)
Speed Way Mini30 miles (48 km)


Are you interested in buying an adult electric scooter for commuting?

You’ve made the right choice. Traveling by electric scooter is a great and affordable method for your commute and it’s a lot friendlier to the environment than traditional rides. And, let’s be honest, it looks amazing. Riding around your community with an electric scooter gives you the perfect accessibility to get in every spot and location you need to get to.

You know you want one. So there’s no convincing needed here. It’s pretty clear why an electric scooter is the right choice for you by now.

In order to know what you need, it’s also important to understand the main components that differentiate the different types of scooters out there.

Join the revolution!

Here are the 14 best electric scooters for commuting in 2020

WideWheel Pro

If you live in San Francisco or some similar city with proper undulations to navigate on your daily commute, the WhideWheel Pro, which is the development of the successful Whidewheel, could be your choice of e-scooter. Overall stronger build quality and with an all new 48 W 15 Ah lithium-ion battery pack that delivers increased torque and acceleration. It easily manages 30% inclines. Maximum speed is similar to the regular 1000W Whidewheel with 26 mph (42 kph) and real-life range is increased slightly to 22 miles (35 kph). There is an option to ride in ECO mode which will increase the range to approx 30 miles (48 km) if you cruise slightly slower.

Upgraded folding design makes for the same easy portability as the regular Whidewheel.  Handlebars fold in to minimize risk of snagging things, and weight is similar at 54 lbs (24,5 kg) even though it packs a bigger battery pack. The weight is manageable if you need to bring it on a public transport, but not if you need to carry it for longer periods, or maybe up some stairs. Both of these e-scooters fit in most cars trunks, which is also something to consider when planning one's commute. This version also comes with 120 mm disk brakes front and rear for improved stopping power, as well as regenerative braking. It has a new led display that shows speed, battery charge, total mileage. Equipped with cruise control that is very cleverly done by pressing and holding a button at the desired speed on the display.

Touch the handbrakes or throttle and it disengages, same as in a car, very intuitive. Upgraded Led headlight and rear light help improve visibility forward, but for proper dark riding on city streets, we recommend to buy an additional front light. This is like the Golf GTI of electric kick scooters out there and it even manages to look cool, which for an e-scooter is not to be ignored. If you want something that is fast, with great acceleration, high speed, brilliant braking system, fun to ride....this could be the best electric scooter for you.



Although one might look upon adult electric scooters as a toy at first glance, they certainly are not. In fact, they are right now, possibly the best option apart from electric skateboards, to get you to and from work offering a smooth ride for your daily commute. In choosing the best electric scooter for your commute, the most important things to consider are mile range,  battery pack, battery life, folding design, max speed, portability, and weight of the scooter in case you need to carry it. How much you weigh and what terrain you need to cover are also important factors when choosing your daily commuter.

The Whidewheel 2019 comes with an option that has two 500 Watt powerful motors and makes for a very good choice if you need to navigate over hills on your daily commute. There is one version available with one 500 Watt motor which is fine if the terrain is flat. But for hillier sections, the dual 1000 Watt version is the one to choose. It has been tested on the punishing city streets and hills of San Francisco and performed brilliantly.  It offers a realistic range of 20 miles, (32km) as tested in real life conditions, on a single charge, which should be sufficient enough for a commuter scooter. Top speed is a respectable 25 mph (40kph). Weight capacity is 220 lbs (100kg) so even if you are on the slightly heavier end of the scale, it can still be your choice of commuting scooter. It has a very clever folding design which makes portability a piece of cake. It only weighs 50 lbs (22kg) and if needed to bring on a public transport for part of the commute, it should not be an issue. It comes with led front and rear lights to help with safety concerns.

It is still one of the coolest looking e-scooters on the market and even though it doesn't have air-filled tires, because of its clever shock absorbers and the wide wheels, it offers a very smooth ride. Kickstand for easy parking is also a great feature. Overall a really good option as your commuting scooter. When completely empty, battery charge time is approximately six hours.



Stepping up in the commuter e-scooter world, and experiencing top speeds and a smooth ride not expected on an e-scooter, we give you the Mantis.

This is a proper piece of kit and it comes with two powerful brushless 60V 1000W motors and 17.5 Ah. You can choose to ride in single motor mode, and it will give you an impressive top speed of 30 mph (48 kph). Mile range in single motor mode and with ECO driving enabled is approximately 30 miles (48km) which is quite astonishing. If you feel the need for speed at a red light however, and want to get out of there like a bat out of hell, by all means, engage dual engine mode and try to hold onto the handlebars, as it will accelerate you to a maximum speed of 40 mph (64 kph) quicker than you can say "best electric scooter"!! The front and rear swingarm suspension offers a very comfortable ride in addition with pneumatic tires that are slightly bigger than the average commuter scooters at 10"x 2,5" in dimension. This allows for riding on various surfaces such as dirt, grass, and gravel quite effortlessly. Hills and inclines on your daily commute?....pfft....the Mantis eats them up like Peter Griffin does chocolate bars in a chocolate factory. Dual semi-hydraulic disc brakes make sure you stop in time at the next red light coming at you at warp speed. Two LED front and rear lights, as well as an LED lateral strip, makes sure you are seen. But like with the other two FluidFreerides, we recommend an additional headlight for proper dark riding.

So one might think, this seems like one impressive adult electric scooter, but will it work as a commuter scooter? Well, yes and depends on your preferences. It is still foldable and it weighs 61 lbs (27.6 kg) so portability is still in the picture although you can't be the weakest guy at the gym as your arm will go numb after 5 minutes. Should you need to get in the trunk of your car or carry it onto a public transport it is not too big and cumbersome for that. But there are more nimble options out there on amazon. It all depends on how and what you want to use your e-scooter for. This is a serious contender for a proper commute. If you have that distance to work that previously made you think..."commute on an e-scooter"? Nah... I think it's too far and will take too long. Well here might be the powerful scooter you are looking for.



Mantis Pro

If you love everything you've read about the Mantis, but thought: "oh man, I want some of that and then some"....well...then you can opt for the Mantis Pro. It is all that the regular Mantis is, but with some serious additional tweaks and options. Power comes from the same brushless dual 60V 1000W motors but the Ah is increased to 24.5 which can deliver a 45 mile (72 km) range in ECO mode!! How long can you commute to work on an eco-smart metro electric scooter?.... some people ask apparently. Well, bloody long nowadays. Top speed is the same, 40 mph (64 kph).

For stopping power the Pro has fully hydraulic disc brakes as well as motor torque adjustments and ABS, and of course regenerative braking. It weighs a tad bit more than its baby brother at 65 lbs (29.5 kg). Folds the same way and has the same dimensions. Charging time is 8-12 hours. This is a serious kick scooter not to be kicked about.



If your top priority in considering a commuter scooter is portability, practicality, lightweight, nimbleness and not so much top speed or mile range...then FluidFreerides CityRider could be your ticket. This one is equipped with a 36 V 300 W brushless hub motor and will reach its maximum speed at 18 mph (29 kph). Mile range is a more modest 10 miles (16km) but remember, this e-scooter is all about that inner city swift, uncumbersome way to get from a to b. It only weighs 18 lbs (13 kg) which is as light as they come and picking it up and carry it around is a breeze. It is foldable with an easy pull of a latch mechanism on the stem, that then folds backwards and clicks onto the rear bumper to make for a very nimble and practical "package" to carry.

Even though it is to be considered a "budget" electric kick scooter, it still has LED front and rear lights, integrated turn signals and lateral reflectors. Drum brake on rear wheel as well as a stomp brake on rear bumper, works fine on this lighter e-scooter. Wheels are quite small and non air-filled tires makes this a commuter best suited for tarmac only, and not for undulating terrain. But it still accommodates for a max weight of 220 lbs (100 kg) so it's not only an option for the Quagmire skinny type guys out there, you can still make this your weapon of choice for your daily commute.

So if you need to commute parts of your journey via public transport, bring your scooter into your workplace, carry it up some stairs and still have it deliver a comfortable ride enough for a smaller inner city commute...this is great value for money.



 Boosted Rev

An option to the Mantis/Mantis Pro as a daily commute, might be the Boosted Rev. This one has even more power in the form of dual 750 W brushless motors bringing it to a total of 1 500 W. Maximum speed, however, is a more "normal" 24 mph (38kph). Range is 22 miles, (35 km). The build quality is solid and it feels when riding it. Nothing rattly or shaky here. Regenerative braking on front and rear wheel, as well as disc brake and "old school" stomp brake on the rear bumper, will make sure you can stop well enough. Rear light illuminates when braking which is a cool feature.

This one is easy to lock with a proper bike lock as the frame bars wrap around the front of the stem. And that might be a very important feature when considering must-haves for your daily commute vehicle. It folds with a simple lock-release mechanism but handlebars stay out. As it weighs 46 lbs (26 kg) you can carry it in one hand onto a bus/train or into a store, but it is not one of the lighter e-scooters on the market obviously. Load capacity is 250 lbs (113 kg) so it can definitely be an option for the bigger guys.

The one thing that lets it down is the lack of suspension that compromises getting a smooth ride, if surface is anything but pool table smooth tarmac. It has air filled tires to help out but in will feel everything in the road as you would lying on a pea in a bed. Led display as well as front and rear lights, the obligatory kickstand for a scooter of this size, three ride modes, wide deck to stand on makes this a viable option as a daily commute. The pricetag however, considering some other options out there and that lack of suspension though...would make me think twice.



The e-scooter market has rapidly come out with quite a variety of choices to accommodate commuters different tastes and requirements. The options seem nigh on endless and still growing. So for example, if you've looked at FluidFreerides CityRider and come to the conclusion that its portability and no-nonsense practicality would be perfect for you, but you hesitate due to its lower power output and "shoot" do have some slight inclines on your daily commute....enter the Horizon, also by FluidFreeride. Here you have the same practical commuting scooter on offer but with a choice of two more powerful electric motors.

Output delivery is now upped to either 10.4 Ah or 13 Ah depending on which option you prefer. It has a 48V 500W brushless hub motor which can deliver a max output of 800 W so even an incline of 15 % is now doable without any fuzz. Top speed is 25 mph (40 kph) and range for the 10.4 Ah version is 20 miles (32 km) or 25+ miles (40+ km) if you opt for the 13 Ah version.

It weighs slightly more than the CityRider but not overly much, at 40 lbs (18 kg) it has to be considered a "light" commuter scooter. Folding design equally on par with its sister models, and with handlebars folding in as well, a big plus. Here you have a combination of dual suspension and an air-filled tire in the front and a solid rear wheel. It sounds like an odd combination but provides a surprisingly smooth ride. Kickstand for easy parking also a plus. Stopping power provided by a rear drum brake as well as regen braking. LED front and rear lights as is expected on a modern commuter scooter. And even if you are "hefty" guy at 265 lbs (125 kg) will accept that as it is this electric kick scooters weight limit.


Gotrax GXL 

The Gotrax GXL V2 stands for version two of Gotrax take on a daily commuter scooter. This one will not win any design prices for "best looking scooter" or some such, as focus seems to lie solely on providing a practical tool to use as a e-scooter to get from A to B. In fact, it looks a bit like the "rent a scooters" out there. But at an asking price of 248 should probably not expect a Pininfarina design.

It tips the scale at 31 lbs (14 kg) and that is probably as low as it can get for anything that still needs to carry a battery pack. Stem folds down as expected but handlebars stay out. This might not be a deal breaker but needs to be taken into account when planning to find the best electric scooter for you and your daily commute. Power comes from a 36 v 250 W front hub motor and will give you a range of 8-12 miles (13.19 km) depending on riding style as with all other e-scooters.

Top speed is a more modest 15 mph (24 kph). The lack of suspension makes the choice of pneumatic tires front and back a necessity to provide a decent comfortable ride as long as the road is smooth enough. It will accept a 220 lbs (100 kg) rider and charge time is a mere 4 hours. That can be an important factor for a potential buyer who values practicality before image and maximum speed figures.


Glion Dolly

The Glion Dolly might be the e-scooter that is the top smart choice for those who value their chosen transport for their commute to be foldable and offers maximum portability. It obviously has all those features that most modern e-scooters have today, led display, front and taillight. It has a 36 V 7.8 Ah 250 W motor and can reach speeds of 15 mph (24 km) so not much to write home about in that department, and don't expect it to climb hills and inclines like a Tour de France biker, but that's not the point.

Focus from the design team on this scooter has been all about accommodating the daily commuter. Weight has been kept to a bare minimum of 28 lbs (12,7 kg), and the really cute trick is when you fold it. Stem and handlebars are foldable and once folded, you have a pull-out handle mounted at the front of the underside of the deck, same as on your suitcase or carry on luggage. You pull the handle out and drag it behind you exactly as you would your suitcase. Really smart.

Solid rubber wheels will work ok on city streets but can't compete with airfilled tires, but still offers a reasonable smooth ride. It accepts a maximum weight of 225 lbs (115 kg). It's solidly built and has a battery charge time of only 3,5 hours. Asking price is 500 USD and that might just hit the sweet spot for many potential buyers looking for the best electric scooter to commute on, and why not go for the Glion dolly foldable one.


Segway Ninebot ES2

The ES2 is an upgrade from Segways successful ES1 that hit the markets in 2017. Segway has the option of upgrading their scooters with an external battery pack should you want more performance out of them, a feature that proves how many different varieties are on offer know.

This is another e-scooter to have on your shortlist if all you care about is that innercity commute, agility, practicality, you ride on flat tarmac surfaces and you don't have to travel overly long distances, and you do want to be able to bring it up to your office/apartment or on to a public transport without braking any sweat. It only weighs 27 lbs (12 kg) carries a lithium-ion battery that delivers 36 V 5.2 Ah 300 W of power, but can peak at 600W. This will give you a maximum speed of 15,5 mph (25 kph) which in all well enough for an inner city commute vehicle that needs to navigate safely through traffic and pedestrians not to mention bikers and so on.

15.5 miles (25 km) range on fully charged battery is as expected compared to competitors. Compact rubber tires is part of the package to keep it light and well....compact...but it does offer front and rear suspension to help with providing a smooth ride slightly better than it would without. Good front and rear lights for visibility in dark hours and of course foldable. Another scooter that is in the 500 (or slightly less) USD area that could tick your boxes when looking for the best adult electric scooter to get to work on.


Razor EcoSmart Metro

At the other end of the spectrum of maximum portability and lightweight e-scooters....we have the Razor EcoSmart metro electric scooter. Let's start with the weight of this thing...67 lbs (30 kg)! That's like carrying around a 10 year old child, for those of you who are parents and can appreciate what carrying such a person can feel like, so won't bring it onto a public transport of any sorts.

But in all honesty, this e-scooters designers have put comfort at the top of the whiteboard when they held their preproduction briefing. So it looks more like a bike with its 16 inch bespoked wheels, and you sit on it as you would on a bike or a moped.

Top speed is 18 mph (29 kph) and range is 10 miles (16 km). It is not foldable, and you would need a big car to manhandle it into the trunk without using the f word more times in 5 minutes than Eddie Murphy in the whole RAW show. But if you are all about comfort!! Then this is the winner by far. It does take 12 hours to recharge the battery mind you.


Razor E100/E300

Razor seems to be the equivalent of french car manufacturers in the electric scooter universe. Different if not odd designs that really sticks a good or bad way....we let you decide. Were you to choose the Razor e300 e-scooter for your would look like you borrowed your kids toy scooter because you had a flat tire on your car or something. This is not a scooter we would recommend for daily commuting although it could probably be used as a commuter.

Top speed is 15mph (24 kph) and range 10 miles (16 km). But this is another one from Razor that is not foldable and for it to really be in consideration as one's daily weapon of choice to get to and from has to be foldable and easy to store away under a desk or something. It also weighs 42 lbs (19 kg) so not exactly a lightweight. It feels and looks more like something you would buy for your teenage kids as a first experience into electric scooter land. Walk away from this option as an adult e-scooter is our recommendation.


Xiaomi MI M365

At only 26.9 lbs (12.2 kg) and with a range of 18 miles (30 kph) and a top speed of 15mph (24 kph) as well as being very portable with foldable stem, the Xiaomi Mi M365 is a very viable option as a daily commuter. It has a quirk of its own compared to other e-scooters when you take off. This one requires you to kick off as on a regular kickboard before the throttle engages which is not too much of an issue but needs getting used to. It small enough to pack away and bringing it with you on a public transport or stowe away in the trunk of your car is easy. Handlebars do not fold though which can be a bit of an "argh" moment when you snag something unwanted.

No suspension but airfilled tires instead provide a decent ride. 250 W hub motor is the power source here. Front wheel drive. This is a scooter that will allow for some hillclimbing if not too extreme. It will accept a rider of 220 lbs (100 kg) which is quite impressive as it doesn't look it since it is such a small scooter. Build quality is solid and at an asking price of 499 USD on Amazon, it is definitely a contender. And if you love your technology, this one has a companion app feature where you can monitor a different variable of things such as battery health, cycle life, charge status, speed, distance, and an alarm activator. You would need to invest in a good quality phone holder though if you plan on using it as a display when riding.


Turboant X7

Another e-scooter to seriously put on your shortlist of possible innercity commutes is the Turboant X7. Another lightweight scooter at only 29.7 lbs (13.5 kg) foldable stem and....wait for it...with an option to remove the battery and bring it with you. This is brilliant as it allows for parking of your scooter and bring its most valuable asset with you....the battery pack. Battery in one hand, charger in the other and hey presto, no problem getting up five stairs to your apartment. Really clever as it makes it less desirable to steal if the power plant is not on it while it sits parked amongst bikes or in your basement garage.

The 36 V 6.4 Ah 350 W will give you a top speed of 18 mph (30 kph) and a range of 9-15 miles (15-25 km) depending on which of the three speed settings available you choose to use. All other features are as expected in the low price range of around 400 USD, such as no suspension, tubeless pneumatic tires, led front and rear lights (which flashes when you brake... "ohlala"), mechanical disc brake and stomp brake on the rear, regen brake on the front, load capacity 275 lbs (125 kg). Definitely an option to consider as it most certainly can be an excellent daily commuter.

But the thing that really sticks out is the removable battery. It sits in the front stem and is very easy to remove. This feature might be the one that seals the deal for potential buyers as again, it shows how innovation and practicality are further being developed to make electric scooters a viable commute option.


Structural Design of the Electric Scooter

Structural Design of the Electric Scooter

By far, the first thing you should pay attention to is the design of the scooter. It really depends on what you want. For example, if you want one built for easy portability so you can take it on trains, up the stairs and hide it under your office desk, you probably want a light scooter with the perfect design that folds down quickly and is easy to carry around. If you want a fast and powerful scooter to get you up the hills in your neighbourhood you need to look for a bigger motor and will likely end up with something heavier that is not so easy to carry. If you want a comfortable scooter, you’ll look for different features that give you a smooth (and enjoyable) ride like dual suspension.

Some quick things you can look for are the wheels and motor position. Is it front wheel drive or rear wheel drive? Front wheel drive is typically built into lighter and more economical scooters. Rear wheel drive provides for a better weight balance and riding experience. Just like BMW uses rear wheel drive for all their cars. There are also dual wheel drives that can give you more power, control, and accuracy while riding.

The aesthetics and weight distribution are very important too. Consider your battery positions. Is it placed in the front pole above the front wheel motor to minimize weight? While these scooters are typically the most lightweight around, your scooter will be front heavy and the footboard may come up when you get off too fast at a traffic light.

For longer rides and best stability, the battery should be placed under the footboard. Are they placed in areas that won’t get in your way? Does it make sense to have it where it is? You don’t want to be tripping over anything if the scooter hasn’t been engineered well.

The one thing you’ll notice the most is the position of the handlebar. That can be a make it or break it for you. Is it too far out? Is it too close? Is it comfortable on your hands? There was one prototype recently designed that looks really amazing, it’s a single tube design, but it might not be so practical. Find the things that matter to you.

Motor and Power Performance

Motor and Power Performance

The motor and power of your electric scooter really depend on what you want to use it for. It all comes down to time. If you need to get somewhere fast, consider getting something more powerful. If it’s just to stroll around the community, then this might not be as important for you.

For practical purposes, power is important for speed, also if there are any hills it might need to climb. You can measure that through the voltage, watt, and torque.

If you need something to compare your options with, consider the Horizon M Classic Looks and Long Range scooter we offer. It can go 20mph with a 36V (voltage) and 350W (watts). By comparing it to other electric scooters, you can get an idea of what kind of power you want.

Electric Scooter Batteries and Range

Electric Scooter Batteries and Range

How long a scooter can run is probably one of the biggest make it or break it. If you choose a scooter that doesn’t last long, it might not even be worth it to you. That’s why it’s important to know what battery your scooter comes with and what kind of battery brands you can add on.

For Safety, IEC standards are an important regulation to understand. They partner with other organizations to develop protocols for lithium batteries and more. It’s important to make sure any batteries you choose are up to global standards.

When choosing an electric scooter, review how long the battery lasts. Take into consideration that manufacturers often significantly over claim range. You can reach these promises if you weigh 100 lbs and ride in perfect conditions at 50% of top speed. You can take a big chunk off these claims if you are planning on using the full potential of your scooter. At Fluid Freeride we call out a realistic range that you will be able to attain with regular use.   Think of how long your commute might be (and the return) along with some extra battery life you may need for shortstops on the way. Even if your battery dies, you may still be able to manually use it. But it’s worth the extra battery life if there is only a small price difference.

Weight and Commute Portability 

Weight and Commute Portability

When deciding the best scooter for you, it’s important to know what it’s like when you need to carry it. What’s the scooter weight? light or heavy? If you need to carry your scooter for long distances, a light one is best. The ultimate weight is what really makes your scooter portable or not.

If you live a few floors up in your building with no elevator, it might be hard to carry around a heavy scooter. We find that people who live in big cities do better with lighter rides as they can easily fold them up and take onto public transport. . If you don’t need portability, then a heavy and more powerful scooter can be a good option. It’s faster, stronger, more stable, and enables you to go longer distances.

Features You Can’t Live Without

Features You Can’t Live Without

Technology is changing as you read this. And with that comes awesome, irresistible features. These days, scooters come with great apps that feature diagnostics, speed settings and more.

It’s worth asking and researching the types of integrations and apps that are available for your electric scooter. It might be the one thing that wins you over when it’s time to decide.

Electric Scooter Reviews and Recommendations 

Never underestimate the reviews. Look at it like profiting from someone else’s risk when he/she purchases it. They’ll tell you if it was a good product or a bad one—all at no cost to you. It’s the best way to know if you are buying a great electric scooter.

Reviews are the best determination of whether you should buy a specific brand or model. Research and do your diligence when it comes to choosing the right one.


Electric scooters are one of the best investments anyone can make. It’s convenient, fun, affordable and saves you money on transportation. At less than half a cent of electricity cost per mile, riding an electric scooter costs roughly one-twentieth of riding a gas-fueled car.

This is how you find the best electric scooters. Use this guide as a roadmap and share your new ride when you finally decide!

At Fluid Freeride, we work hard to reinvent your commute. With only the best scooters, like the WideWheel, you can count on us to get you the ride you deserve. Satisfaction guaranteed.

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